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Counterstrain recently had a chapter dedicated to it featured in a NYT bestselling book concerning new medical breakthroughs!


Gigi G.

“I am so amazed that I no longer seek weekly chiropractor care since Dr. Steve has helped me! Chronic pain in Lumbar, Cervical and SI"

Anna W.

"Woke up with worst crick in my neck..after one hour of treatment my pain was relieved and able to resume activities"

Rich F. 

“Hip to knee pain for 5 session and pain completely gone.”

Elaine V.

“After many sleepless nights, extreme pain in hip, SI, Sciatica... after one session pain almost completely gone"

Kristen R.

"Anxiety, reflux (to the point of barely leaving my bedroom) I made an appointment with Steve. I left that appointment with immediate relief and was able to function nomally again. Amazing!"

Lydia D. 

“They were even discussing amputating my foot or leg but after Steve used these techniques, I can honestly say he saved my foot/leg"

Amy W.

“Headaches/migraines went from 3-4 per week to 1-2 per month after seeing Steve."

Jonathan B.

"Since 2010 hospitalized with kidney stones and infections almost every month.. since seeing Dr. Steve I have NEVER gone back to the ER or been hospitalized!"

Christopher J.

“Diagnosed with severe C6 radiculopathy and within a few sessions I'm a functioning person again"

Faith B.

"Horrible migraines, multiple times a month.. one treatment and not waking up with headaches like i did before"

Tiffany F.

"Neck pain as long as I can remember.. Steve came to the rescue.. yall my neck pain seemed to almost disappear.. not to mention the spasms in rest of my body are better"

Melissa T.

“This is an amazing treatment. Neck and shoulder pain for over 10 years and tried a variety of things.. significant reduction in symptoms in two treatments"

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