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About MTWC

I graduated with my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2011 and have always been passionate about manual therapy.  I was introduced to Counterstrain in 2011, and have been primarily utilizing this technique ever since.  In 2018, I was selected by The Counterstrain Academy to be a part of the prestigious group of Instructors and Teaching Assistants that will fill the role of developing highly skilled practitioners across the US.  In 2019, I was selected by The Jones Institute in California to be a Teaching Assistant to aid in instruction for the three-day Fascial Counterstrain courses.  I have undergone hundreds of Continuing Education hours in Fascial Counterstrain and am excited to bring this cutting-edge technique to Nashville.  

About MTWC

Stop Treating Symptoms, Address the Problem Naturally

Dr. Steven E. Reiter DPT, CSC I

Has been utilizing Counterstrain for 12 years and is currently the only Fascial Counterstrain Level 1 certified practitoner and Teaching Assistant/Instructor in training in the entire Southeast US. 

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