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  • Why have I not heard of Fascial Counterstrain?
    Fascial Counterstrain is a relatviely new manual osteopathic technique with many of the courses being taught only in the last few years.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    Loose fitting clothing, shorts and a t-shirt are preferred.
  • What to expect?
    Fascial Counterstrain is a hands on passive technique that will address fascial restrictions from head to toe. Please be prepared that with all conditions treatment typically is required away from the symptoms to achieve full resolution. Although this technique is hands on your modesty is preserved at all times.
  • How will I feel?
    Although FCS is a passive treatment it is quite powerful. Many patients report soreness around 4-6 hours after a session that will typically resolve in 24-72 hours. Being sore is actually a good thing because usually that means something powerful has been done. It is advised to drink 8-10 glasses of water within two hours of treatment to help assist the body in clearing the inflammation.
  • How many visits a week do I need to schedule?
    Initially, it is typically recommended to be seen 1-2x a week. Many patients experience relief after just 1 visit. The number of treatments that it will take for more pronounced healing varies case by case. Generally, chronic cases tend to require more treatment. FCS is intended to provide long term relief, so many times follow up is not necessary for the same condition.
  • Does MTWC accept insurance?
    At this time MTWC is an out-of-network provider and does not accept insurance. MTWC will provide a receipt and treatment notes that many times can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement. MTWC is not responsible for reimbursement from the patient's insurance carrier and is the sole responsibility of the patient. MTWC recommends speaking with your insurance company prior to scheduling visits to find your out-of-network reimbursement. Many times FSA and HSA accounts can be utilized if receipts submitted for reimbursement.
  • I have Medicare or Medicaid, can I schedule appointment with MTWC?"
    Currently, MTWC is an out-of-netowrk provider that is a fee for service clinic. Due to CMS guidelines MTWC is unable to accept cash from Medicare or Medicaid patients. Unfortunately MTWC can not treat Medicare or Medicaid patients.
  • Why does MTWC not accept insurance?
    Unlike most PT clinics MTWC provides one on one, hands on care the entire session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Many PT clinics utilize techs, or they will sometimes refer to them as "students," who have little to no training or education. Many times these PT clinics refer to them as students to fool patients into thinking they are currently enrolled in a PT program, or aspire to, yet they utilize this staffing to maximize their profits. You will typically spend 60-90 minutes at the clinic for 4 weeks at 3x a week engaging in activities that you could do yourself at home or any gym. At the conclusion of your care at other PT clinics you will not only have spent a lot of money, but may find yourself with minimal positive results.
  • Do I need a script from a physician to schedule with MTWC?
    Tennessee is currently a direct access state, so you do not need a script to be treated by MTWC. Many insurance companies require a script for reimbursement, so it is best to check with your individual carrier prior to treatment. If your symptoms or response to treatment does not fit within the scope of MTWC, we will work closely with your primary care physician. If you do not have a primary care physician, MTWC will gladly provide you with a list of PCPs.
  • What is the hourly rate at MTWC?
    If treatment is provided at our location the cost is $160 per hour (as of Jan 1. 2023), if MTWC travels to you it is negotiable based on distance.
  • Would you like a Cost Estimate or "Good Faith Estimate"?
    At Manual Therapy of Williamson County: Wellness and Pain Management we believe in cost transparency and your right to shop for high quality, cost-effective services. We will be happy to provide you with a "Good Faith Estimate" of our costs upon request or upon scheduling. Call our office for more information at 615-619-0300.
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